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Which is the Best Slot Machine to Play Online?

Slots machines are a very popular game of chance with a wide variety of themes and features for everyone's preferences. There are slots of various themes, with various bonuses and different graphics. To determine the best slots we must consider different aspects, for example, we can distinguish the best slots to play based on the quality of the graphics, the prizes, the variety of the game or the sizes of the progressive jackpot, among others.

However, there is a criteria we could follow in order to find the best slot machine. They should offer:

Comfortable and understandable interface.

It is important that all buttons are distinctive, and their functions are clear. Ideally, adjustable features should appear on the pop-up tabs. In case the slot offers to change the value of the coin, all the available currencies should be displayed in the game data windows.

High RTP

RTP means Return of Player and it is the return that the player gets. It is the payout percentage of all bets placed on a slot machine. For example, if we are playing a slot machine with an RTP of 95%, and have bet a total of $ 100, in theory we would have received $ 95 back, thus losing $ 5.

Depending on the characteristics of the slot machine, the RTP will be higher or lower, but as a general rule they exceed 90%. This information can be consulted in the analysis of the slot that appears in the information that your online casino offers you, and in the case of the most serious players it is a crucial element when it comes to choosing one slot or another.

The best slot machines to play offer high RTP; the average RTP is over 96%, so if it is above it means it is a good RTP and if it does not reach this percentage it is not so good.

The RTP also influences the type of prizes that the slot gives. A higher RTP means more prizes but smaller, while a lower RTP gives us fewer prizes but these can be larger.

Big jackpots and progressive jackpots

Slot machine developers often compete to see which slot machine pays the best. This feature provokes more interest towards the manufacturer's product. The ones with the best jackpot tend to attract more players.

On the other hand, in progressives the jackpot increases depending on the number of people who play. A fraction of the player´s bet is added to the joint prize pool, which will keep increasing until a lucky player wins it. This type of game is highly controversial among players around the world. Some say these jackpots are the only way to win big at the casino. Others, on the contrary, prefer the medium slot machines payouts, since they think that they give more opportunities to achieve substantial profits.

Several additional options.

The additional possibilities of the machines make the game more varied. Free spins, re-spins, bonus levels, etc. offer alternative methods of winning or increasing prizes for sequences.

Unusual games.

When the slot has an unusual mechanic compared to other slots they are more original which is an extra point. For example, the musical slots like the ones with themes of famous rock bands, or the mermaids slots online machines. The best slots are usually the newer slot games, since they have innovative themes and graphics. Every year rankings of the most popular gaming machines are formed from the information gathered from online casinos about the most frequently chosen slots machines. In fact, there are conferences and fairs dedicated to the online gaming industry which analyze the best games available in the market.

Modern design and sound.

The best slots have good themes, graphics and soundtrack. The images must be of high quality, attractive and colorful without straining the eyes. The music is very important, and has to be pleasant for the player to feel comfortable instead of irritated.


Online slot machines are very popular today, and the development of new technologies has changed the traditional games giving the slot machines a modern touch.

Nowadays, slots feature a large catalog of themes, types of machines with different bonuses, variety of reels, 3D animations, succulent jackpots, free spins and pay lines.

Over time they have become one of the users' favorite games for online entertainment.

Although the number of titles and themes increases constantly, keep in mind that the casino software provider is what makes a game a quality game. The same principle is applicable to the casino itself.